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Consulting and Research Design
Some have described us as consultants, some as friends.  Whatever the relationship, the staff at Pacific Research strives to provide smart research for even the most difficult request to help make your project a success.  Our Project Directors have over 35 years of combined experience and our clients return again and again for problem solving, dedicated work, and brain storming sessions that ultimately create insightful research.

Screener Development
How do you translate the subtle characteristics of the perfect respondent to a paper and pencil tool?  A long screener is not always the answer.  We help design screeners that minimize the time on the phone, yet penetrate the fluff to get the key, important criteria.  But in the end a screening tool can only get you so far.  This is where our expert knowledge and creative solutions come into play.

Through “niche” recruiting and by using only career recruiters, we have been known to pull off those impossible projects.  In this new age of caller ID and do not call lists, Pacific Research continually strives to find creative means to obtain the perfect respondent.  Whether you require ethnographies, focus groups, individual interviews, friendship pairs, or Corporate Executives, we will get what you need.

Project Management
Our clients feel at ease knowing that we are there to handle the details.  When we are involved, there is a certain “peace of mind” that the job will be done right.  And if there is a problem, every angle will be explored to figure out how to complete the project successfully.  We stay one step ahead of this process, navigating  problem areas and providing solutions, giving you opportunity to shine.

We collaborate with each client to choose and pick the best venue for your project.  We can place the project anywhere nationally, whether you need a traditional facility, a smaller boutique location, or a unique off-site venue.  You can leave the details to us.

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